Meet our amazing development team
Marie Platowski

General Manager & Director of Sales

Marie Platowski carries with her over fifteen years of experience in the Executive Suite Industry. Serving in the past as Director of Sales, General Manager and VP of Sales, she brings a long education and history of vast transactional and real estate management skills, coupled with extensive experience in the high-performance telecommunications industry with a proven ability to increase sales and obtain premium prices. Marie has a BS in Legal Administration, and graduated Magna Cum Laude, from Loyola University.

For over nine years Marie was responsible for all marketing and sales for over 200 individual private offices and managed the day-to-day management of three Executive Office Suite Centers. She is responsible for achievement of 98% occupancy rate at all three centers. In addition, Marie developed and implemented strategies for local promotions, developed and promoted advertising positioning and strategies, and conducted corporate publicity interviews with the Wall Street Journal, and the Chicago Tribune.

Stephanie Wilkins

Client Relations Manager

Stephanie Wilkins graduated from Columbia College in May of 2008. Stephanie’s commitment to her clients is evidenced by her warm relationship with the Business Network Center tenants and guests and has earned the title she currently holds of Client Relations Manager. Stephanie’s ability to problem solve and her well-organized style of management has helped Business Network Center build, maintain and grow intensive customer relationships across multiple industries. Her mastery of client’s needs and time management has enabled her to implement more efficient office systems and procedures. Stephanie’s computer skills and breadth of knowledge in various computer software programs offers the Business Network Center clientele an opportunity for further marketing and professional exposure.

Giulio Bruni

Director of IT

Giulio Bruni has over 12 years of hands on experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry. Giulio’s philosophy is just getting the job done is not enough. We want our clients to understand, in non-technical terms, their options and the service they are getting. Our mentality is simple. If your IT setup is not INCREASING your productivity, its not the right setup for you. When we say we strive to find the “right solution” for our clients, we also mean the most productive and cost effective.

Piotr Olechno

Building Maintenance Engineer

Piotr Olechno inspects, logs and monitors the performance of a wide variety of mechanical, automated & electrical building infrastructure systems and equipment. Piotr performs as our “on-site” technician for electrical, plumbing, carpentry and painting that may be needed in the course of repair and maintenance of facility systems and equipment here at Business Network Center.

Katya Miller

Client Relations Manager

Katya Miller graduated in May of 2020 with her Associates in Business Administration from Harper College.  She is currently enrolled at Eastern Illinois University and is pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration through their online program. She loves travelling and putting herself out of her comfort zone in order to expand her knowledge of life. Her interpersonal skills have let her communicate with tenants and help her problem solve when issues arise. She loves meeting new people and looks forward to growing relationships with tenants new and current.